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  • Clear Clinica helps medtech companies doing clinical trials go to market faster by eliminating avoidable rework at study completion.
  • Clear Clinica FlaskData automates clinical trial monitoring in an unlimited-use online subscription.
  • Real-time alerts and analytics shorten the time it takes to detect safety and compliance violations from 5-18 weeks to zero.
  • FlaskData API enables mobile medical apps and connected devices to push data directly into the EDC and real-time monitoring services.

Exult in the speed of monitoring in the cloud instead of shuffling paper
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Monitoring as a Service

Monitor protocol compliance and patient safety with online real-time alerts and visual analytics of trends and respond to deviations in real-time instead of waiting 5-18 weeks for paper reports. .

Security and Confidentiality

Our systems run on secure managed instances in Amazon AWS and our integrated cloud Monitoring as a Service provides visibility to critical trends without PC downloads that expose your study and patient data to threats of malware.

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring of your EDC includes risk analysis, data design, implementation, QC, validation and delivery to your needs.

Fanatical Support

There is no greater time for us than communicating with our customers. Whether you need a piece of information or have an inquiry screaming to be answered in a blink we instantly get fanaticized to support you and solve all of your EDC-related problems.

Remote Access

Get alerts and analyze trends and data anytime, from anywhere whether in your browser or mobile device. FlaskData was designed from day 1 to work in tablets.